We can take care of your complete landscaping services in Ringwood

Allow us to guide you through the landscaping process in Ringwood. From start to finish, we are here to guide and offer advice to shape the perfect garden. Successful landscaping projects take time and careful thought. The first step is to remove all of the existing clutter, be it overgrown plants, stones or soil. This in itself can be quite an exercise and requires specialist removal machinery that needs to be hired in advance.

Once the place is a blank canvas, it is far easier to visualise how it will come together, and so the drafted design can be refined. You will want to now begin looking into specialist materials and where you can purchase them from. Our team is an excellent resource, full of contacts and helpful advice about materials.

Preparing the land is perhaps the most important stage of the entire process. Here we need to consider soil quality, manoeuvring machinery and installing irrigation. Drip systems are a popular water saving alternative to sprinklers, and ideal for plants which don’t demand high volumes of water. Ask our landscapers about the costs involved in installing one of these low maintenance features. Preparation will also involve materials arriving onsite and needing to be neatly stored before they are needed.

When work does begin, it will need to be in a certain order to ensure time is not wasted. Because we offer so many services in the one tight knit team, we have had much experience juggling multiple tasks at once. This attitude allows us to always finish on time in alignment with our own high standards. We never leave a job until both we and the client are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

As the final aspect of our comprehensive start to finish service, we offer some maintenance suggestions and tips to ensure your garden looks as good as it does for as long as possible. This may include regular weeding, chemicals to avoid, and how much water certain plants need. Decking will also need regular oiling. Alternatively, we can take on your regular or occasional landscaping maintenance in Ringwood into the future.